5 Best Ringtone Apps for Android Smartphone – 2017

Ringtone Apps for AndroidNow, you all are living in a world, full of technology. You all have your mobile phones and most of them run on Android platform. These devices are full of features but the basic function of any phone is to make and receive calls.  The first thing which comes to hear when the phone rings is the ringtone.

You know that what ringtone is.  It is a sound in the form of music or dialogue or whatever, it will make sounds when somebody calls to your number and that help you to pick the call. Further, the ringtone is used in various notifications like you can set the different ringtone for alarm, SMS like that. Most of the people keep the default ringtones which has there already placed by the mobile manufacturers or got from your friends.

Free Ringtone Apps for Android Phone – 2017:

The good thing is that you have the freedom to choose different ringtones as a caller tone, Alarm, or SMS. However, many people want to choose different ringtones but, not getting enough time to search the internet. Still, are you thinking? You need the best ringtone app for Android. It is the final solution.

Best Ringtone Apps for Android Phone:

You can discover a lot of ringtone collections in various genres, so you can choose a unique ringtone and set as the caller tones for your Android devices.

1. Cool Ringtonescool ringtones

A good ringtone change your mood and keeps you cool always. Because we humans are connected with the music and sounds. Here are the ‘Cool Ringtones’, which is the best ringtone app for android working smart phone or Tablet. In the ‘Cool Ringtones’ Android application, you can find the multipurpose ringtones and you can set as caller tone and more purpose.

Key features

  • You can set the specified ringtone for specified person from your contact list.
  • You can set the ringtones by clicking the widget button from the home and select a ringtone.
  • You can enable the ringtone in the Caller Tone, SMS Tone, Alarm and Message tones.
  • It is free on play store.

2. Bird Ringtonesbird ringtones

We like to hear the sounds of the birds that give the peace of mind to us and it attracts us something that you cannot explain in detail. You can set the bird sounds as the ringtone on your Android-powered smart phone or tablet by using the best ringtone application for Android.

Key features

  • You can set the animal sounds as the ringtone for caller tones, SMS, alarm, and other notifications.
  • You can set the different bird sounds to particular persons from your contact list that allows you to perceive who is calling without looking the phone screen.
  • According to your present situation, you can decide that whether you pick the call or reject the call and the choice is yours.
  • It’s free on Play store.

You see the voice of Ducks, Peacock, gees, Canary bird, eagle, warbler, American coot, and more birds. Sure you like it.

3. Business Ringtonesbusiness ringtones

Now, when you are discussing seriously in the meeting you receive a phone call, furthermore, your mobile phone caller tones may be pop songs, laughing or any sound. However, if the ringtone makes you uncomfortable in that environment because of the ringtone. So, you need the best ringtone app for Android that matches your business environment. Introducing the ‘Business Ringtones’ is your end solution.

In the ‘Business Ringtones’ Android application, you can choose the different ringtone for each person from your contact list and set the ringtone for your Call, SMS, Notifications, Alarm and others purpose.

Key Features

  • You can find the 40 high quality
  • The app supports world languages like English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano and more languages.
  • It is free on play store

4. Horror Ringtones

Some people like horror stories, movies, and novels. If you are one of the people, who like horror genres and as a horror fiction lover, do you like to set your ringtones with horror sound effects? If your answer is yes, you are going to know about the best ringtone app for Android devices like smartphone or tablets.

You will find the horror ringtone themes like Saw Psicofonias, and more sounds are available to you.

Key Features

  • You can change the ringtone of phone call tones, SMS notifications, Alarm so on.
  • You can enrich your ringtone experience to the next level with impressive sounds.
  • It’s free on Play store.

5. Office Ringtones

In the corporate working environment is completely different, which you dress up, owned high-end gadgets according to your working environment. But, what about the ringtone of your smartphone? It may be a silly sound. However, do you like the existing ringtone or planning to change it? If you consent to change it here is ‘Office Ringtones’, the best ringtone app for Android devices.

Key Features

  • You can change the ringtone to each of your contact lists
  • You can make easy to identify the calling person without touching the mobile.
  • You can put your favorite ringtone sounds into the favorite folder, where you can access it later.
  • It’s free on play store

6. Digital Ringtones

In the Digital world, why you are using the normal ringtone for your mobile phone when you are having enormous chance to change it according to your wishes. Do you want the Digital Ringtone for your phone? I am confident, you say YES, then you need the best ringtone app for Android, Such ringtone application includes the collections of the sounds and you can assign to different purposes like SMS, Notification and more.

The Digital Ringtones has contained the collection of the amazing Digital ringtone that matching in the digital world. It has included the 99 digital sound ringtones that can assign to each one to your contact list and you will listen to the unique ringtone when they call to you.

Key Features

  • The Digital Ringtone has user-friendly user interface allow you to work with the app smoothly.
  • You can find great features with the application
  • It is free on play store.

Final Verdict:

Right now, you have informed about the great and best ringtone apps for Android working smart phone or tablet, Just you have to pick a ringtone Android application and install on your Android device. As I said earlier, you can find several concept based ringtone application like birds sounds, funny dialogues, horror and more genres. Moreover, the each genres ringtone carries many sounding effects. Now you have to choose any best ringtone and set as a caller tone, SMS notification, Chat notification, and message notification.

5 Best Ringtone Apps for Android Smartphone – 2017
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