BBM for PC Laptop Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac OS Free Download

In today’s world, it is a bit difficult to stay in touch with all of our friends and family members but due to ever-increasing technology and innovations in it. we are now able to stay in close contact with our acquaintances. We can now talk to them and share photos with them whenever we want.

BBM for PC has allowed us to stay in touch with our friends and families through sharing texts, images, audios etc. Earlier it was only developed for blackberry users but now due to its increasing popularity, it is developed for various other platforms.

BBM for PC Laptop Windows 10/8.1/7 Download:

Today, in this article I will brief you on BlackBerry Messenger, some of its key features which make it unique and also I will guide you on how to download BlackBerry Messenger on your Windows PC/ laptop or Mac PC/ laptop using Bluestack Emulator. And don’t miss to check my previous article how to Download WhatsApp for PC.

What is BBM?

BBM is an abbreviated form of Blackberry messenger. As the name suggests, it was first available for only Blackberry platform but now it is available for various other platforms due to its increasing popularity.

It is a free messaging application then available for only blackberry users and now for all other platform users too. Because of its increased popularity, it was also introduced in android OS as in Google Play Store and now it is also available for Windows PC/ Laptop and even Mac PC/ laptops.

Through this, you can stay in touch with all your family members and even friends even when you are several thousand kilometers away from them.

BBM has a unique BBM pin feature, which makes it unique from other such free messaging apps. Only through BBM Pin, we can connect to our friends and families. Everyone has a unique BBM Pin. This app doesn’t need your E-mail ID or Phone Number or anything for login. It will only generate a unique BBM Pin through which you can get connected to your friends and family.

It has some basic features which every other similar app has like sending unlimited messages, videos, audios, images. You can also send voice notes as you can record your voice and sent it to another BBM user. On the top of it, it is absolutely for free, it won’t cost you even a single penny.

It has some unique features which make it different from other such apps like you can send GIFs, emoticons to express your feelings. You will have every single detail that when is the message delivered when to have the other user has seen it or the message is delivered or not.

The user interface of it is also very smooth and that is why people extremely love using it.

BBM for PC Features:

Some of its key features which make it different from other such apps are:

  • It has a great security setting. As it will generate a unique BBM Pin for every user and only through this unique BBM Pin you can connect with your friends and view their profile.
  • You can create groups to where you can send unlimited messages, videos, images etc.
  • It also supports GIF and animated Images so that makes your experience with it even more fun.
  • You can have all the times checking details like the time of delivery and the time the other user has seen it. You can also get to know if the message is delivered or not.
  • It also has a feature of free voice calling.
  • You can also add emotions to it to express your feeling or mood.
  • You will always be connected to BBM and receive notifications.
  • By using it on your PC, you can avoid any neck or eye strain which was caused due to looking at tiny screens of smartphones.
  • Bigger screen signifies easy to read the text and clear and bigger images.

Steps to Download BBM for PC Laptop Windows:

To download blackberry messenger on your system to have access to it on a bigger screen to view images more clearly and bigger, you should first have Bluestack Emulator installed in your system. If by chance you don’t have any Bluestack Emulator installed on your system, then you have to follow the steps listed below to download it but if you already have Bluestack Emulator downloaded on your system, then there is no need to follow these steps mentioned below, you can just skip it and move forward. So let’s begin with downloading Bluestack Emulator.

  • Run the web browser of your system, on the search box of its type ‘Download Bluestack Emulator’ and search for it.
  • After getting the desired results, open up the most authentic and legal site to start the downloading process.
  • Click on the install button to download it.
  • Once the download is completed, go to the downloads folder of your system and double-click on the BluestackEmualtor file.
  • A pop-up will appear, now click on install button.
  • This will start the installation process. This may take few minutes or seconds.

Now Bluestack Emulator I ready to be used. You can now download your favorite android app and use the services it provides with the bigger screen using Bluestack emulator.

How to Download Blackberry Messenger for PC Laptop:

Now I will guide you on how to download Blackberry Messenger on your Windows PC/ Laptops or Mac PC/ Laptops using Bluestack Emulator. Listed below are the simple steps to download BBM using Bluestack Emulator on your Windows PC/ Laptop or Mac PC/ Laptop:

  • For this, you have to first open up the Bluestack Emulator through a shortcut present on the desktop of your system.
  • Now, type ‘Blackberry Messenger’ in the search box of it and search for it.
  • Find the real and authentic app in it and open it.bbm
  • Now click on install. This will start up the installation process.
  • The installation process can take few seconds to few minutes depending on your Internet Speed.
  • Once the installation process is completed you can now look for the app in the app section of Bluestack Emulator.
  • Open up the Blackberry Messenger and enjoy the services it provides.bbm

You are now able to have access to Blackberry Messenger through your PC. Now, you don’t need any blackberry platform to use it and Enjoy. Share this with your friends and comment your problem below.

BBM for PC Laptop Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac OS Free Download
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