Google Play Services APK For Android OS – Latest V11.5.09

Google, needs no introduction. Google Play needs no introduction. But Google Play Services Apk? Eh, that kind of does. Here’s a brief introduction – Back in September of 2012, Google released a new app to the Play Store. What did the app do? It allowed the company to roll out new features to Android users running 2.2 and up without getting a complete OS upgrade.

This app, Google Play Services, was the focus of the last Google I/O. And, as is clearly demonstrated by the Android 4.3, it’s a powerful tool for bringing new features to users of old operating systems.

Google Play Services APK Download for Android:


To make you understand what Google Play Services actually are and why they so important, the first step is is to clarify what Android is. I know what you’re thinking- Android is the software that runs on Google’s phones, isn’t it?

Well, breaking news folks. There’s more to it.

Technically speaking, Android is an operating system for mobile devices. Because it’s open source, a company can use it, modify it, and make it their own without involving Google at all.

The most obvious example of this the Kindle Fire. While it runs Android, it lacks the Play Store, any built-in Google services, or even any mention of Google at all. Instead, Amazon built its own app store, content services, and hardware. This is what Android is. A platform for any company to build on. Interesting, huh?

The reason that Android and Google have often been mixed up is that, in order to get access to the Play Store (or the formerly known Android Market), device manufacturers had to adhere to a certain set of rules and include certain Google apps or features. This kept Google at the center of the OS in its early stages. However, Google began the process of separating itself from Android a long time ago.

Over the years, Gmail, Search (including Google Now and Voice Actions), Hangouts (formerly Talk), Chrome (formerly the stock browser), YouTube, Calendar, and even the stock Android keyboard were unbundled from Android and updated directly. This brought the wait time for new features down from a rough minimum of six months to a paltry few days, as long as your device could handle it.

The hindrance that occurs here is that it didn’t allow Google to update Android features. Each new version of Android would bring new APIs that developers could plug into. This is why some apps require 4.0 while others can work on Android versions as low as 2.2.

Google Play Services Apk Features:

This past year saw Google announcing a host of new features. The company announced a host of new features that were coming to Android devices. They include a lot of things, but this is not what they are restricted to. There’s a lot more.

  • Play Games achievements, leaderboards, and game sync
  • Synced notifications across devices (where supported by apps)
  • Geofencing
  • Activity recognition (apps can detect walking, driving, etc.)
  • Single sign-on

The one unifying thing that all these features thankfully had in common: they didn’t require a new version of Android to implement. In fact, no one on stage even talked about an Android upgrade during the entire session, quite surprisingly. Instead, these features were added to Google Play Services, which is supported on Android 2.2 and up. For the first time in years, users with an old device that had been abandoned by the manufacturers got to enjoy brand new features that were fresh in and just been declared.

In stark comparison, Android 4.3 came charging ahead by introducing the following features:

  • Restricted profiles on tablets
  • Autocomplete on the dial pad
  • Location tracking via Wi-Fi without leaving Wi-Fi enabled
  • Low energy Bluetooth support

Most of the new features aren’t exactly negligible or less important, but they’re also not quite as large in scope. Notification sync, for example, will affect apps across the entire platform while dialer auto-completes will probably only be seen by a minority of users anyway.

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Steps to Download Google Play Services Apk Dor Android Phone:

  • The first thing you need to have is the Google Play services APK file. A google search regarding the same will put one in your hands.
  • After the Apk file download is complete, you go straight to the File explorer, or ES explorer or whichever file manager has been installed on your phone and hunt down the play services
  • Now, Tap on the file to start the installation process.
  • Agree to the options, terms, and conditions, then wait for a few minutes.
  • After a few minutes, your installation will be complete.
  • If your phone is being annoying and not letting you complete the installation, what you’ve got to do is,

Go to settings, then to security, then to the apps, and click on the Unknown sources tick box that allows you to download apps from unknown sources.

  • Once the app is installed, the pretty app icon will pop up on your home screen and in the menu drawer.
  • Tap on the icon, launch the app and enjoy to your heart’s content!

This is the point of Google Play Services. It sits on your phone, silently bringing awesome new stuff. Silent being the key word, not bragging. And that’s just one of the good things about it.For example, at some point in the last few months, Google moved its app verification service out of Android 4.2 and into Play Services. Your phone is now slightly more secure than it was before. The best thing is, no manufacturer hassle had to occur for this. Google play services are the silent vigilant bringing you the latest updates, and that’s awesome.

Google Play Services APK For Android OS – Latest V11.5.09
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