iFile For iPhone iPad Download on iOS Without Jailbreak

iFile is one of the best app for the iPhone users. With the help of the iFile for iPhone, you can easily hack your iPhone and get access to the file system which isn’t possible without the jailbreak. Though iFile has another function too it helps you to manage and edit your file, you can hack many apps and games, you can send files through Bluetooth or wifi etc. Any iPhone user can use this app whether his / her iPhone is jailbreak or not it doesn’t matter.

iFile For iPhone iPad Download | iOS Without Jailbreak:


Follow the instructions given below step by step to download and install the iFile app on your ios.

  • Firstly open up your browser on your ios device, doesn’t matter if the browser is not safari.
  • Then go to this site http://www.pgyer.com/ATAy.
  • Once you click the link you will be forwarded to a window where you can find a link which will download the app.
  • Once you click the download option a pop-up will be displayed which will have an install option which you need to select and once you select that the app will install on your device.

Now because your i phone is not jailbroken you have to change a few its settings before installing the iFile app. What you have to do is change your date. Either you change the date to 1 month before or a year before. You don’t need to worry about it because once you install the app you can change your date back to the normal. Once the installation of the app finishes you will see the icon on your home screen and you are ready to use the app.

How to Download iFile For iPhone Which is Jailbreaked:

Follow the instructions given below step by step to download and install the iFile for iPhone which is jailbreaked.

  • Click on the Cydia app on your iPhone to open it.
  • Tap on the search option and type iFile. The search will find the iFile app.
  • See the iFile cracked option available.
  • Now click on the purchase option given to you and confirm.ifile
  • Once the app is installed on your device you have to reboot it.
  • After reboot, you can use your app.

Features of the iFile for iPhone:

Open Files

When you download anything from the internet you can open those files through iFile. Search the file on your iPhone file system and click it to open it. If the file is unsupported on your iPhone device the file will not open but the iFile manager will provide you with some options of different apps which can support that file and open it. So you can choose anyone and download that app to open the file.ifile

Built in Players:

The iFile app provides you with great players in it for your work. It has a mp3 player built in which allows you to play audio files present anywhere on your device. You can download any music from anywhere and you don’t have to use the iTunes. The app also has a built-in pdf reader and document reader.

Create New Folder Zip Files

On the edit option available, you have various options there with the first one having a plus sign which allows you to create new folders. You can add the name pf the folder , you will have the option of ownership and access permissions. The next option below creating the new folder is to create zip files. You can select as many files as you want and create only one compressed zip file.

Sharing the Files

The app also allows you to share the files on your iPhone file system via email, Bluetooth, and wifi. To share files via email select the file you want to mail and see below there is an envelope sign. Select the sign and your file will be attached for sending through email. You can also send the file via Bluetooth. Before sending it via Bluetooth you need to make sure that both the devices have installed the iFile app. To send the file to select the file and see below a sign will be there of a Bluetooth. Select the sign the Bluetooth will start finding an iDevice near you and once the search ends it will start sending the file to that device to transfer a file using wifi select the file you need to transfer via wifi. Then see below a wifi icon will be there just tap it and use the IP address to transfer it.

Creating Bookmarks

Just imagine the ease of switching to the task whenever you use the iFile app by the bookmarks. The iFile app allows you to bookmark your files and folders for ease of doing work with the prompt. To bookmark a directory choose the one which you need to bookmark and tap the bookmark button you can see below.

More Information:

To gain more info about a particular file on your iPhone file system you can tap the arrow sign which you can see at the right of a file. When you tap the arrow sign the new screen will give you info regarding the file in which you can get info like the size , name, file when created, owner etc.

So here we are with all the information of the iFile app. Users of the iPhone are recommended to have this app. This app helps you to manage your iPhone file system easily and quickly. The best thing about the app is if your iPhone is not jailbroken then also you can use this app and experience its benefits. So why waiting just take out your device and start installing and experience the new handling of your iPhone file system.

iFile For iPhone iPad Download on iOS Without Jailbreak
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