Movies and sitcoms are the major entertainment that people crave for. Everybody wants to stay updated with what new is coming up in the field of entertainment. Entertainment is the key to relaxation nowadays. Everybody wants to spend a lazy day in the bed doing nothing and have a movie marathon or sitcom marathon. So […]

What will happen if I tell you that all of your devices such as smartphones, TV, PC and other such electronic devices will be taken from you? How will you feel about it? Can you survive without it? No? I guessed so because we humans are so addictive to it that we cannot even imagine […]

In today’s age, there is hardly any person who hasn’t heard of Facebook. Facebook helps us stay connected, find people we used to know and make new friends! It is the most convenient and efficient platform to keep everyone updated about oneself. Since maximum people already have Facebook accounts it comes as no surprise that […]

Aptoide is one of the most trending applications for the Android users. It is an alternative play store where all the applications are available for downloading along with some of the apps that are not even available in play store. This app is best for downloading premium apps and games absolutely for free. You must […]

In this era where technology has enhanced manifolds, we are now able to have access to all the things through just our smartphones. It’s a boon as well as bane for us but let’s not complicate things, I believe it’s mostly a boon for us. Entertainment, what do you really infer from the word entertainment? […]

In this 21st century, people are busy in shaping their future that they have no time to stay connected to their friends, families and their beloved. Due to their work or studies, they go far away from their family and friends. Even the ones who live with their family due to the pressure of work […]

Pokemon Go is a fictional anime which revolves around the training and capturing of creatures with different abilities by ‘trainers’. The main character Ash Ketchum is a Pokemon master in training and the basic story revolves around his travels in the effort to be the best Pokemon trainer by battling with other trainers in matches and […]