OLA App for PC: When you go for traveling or to some place, searching for transport vehicle is a must unless you have your own vehicle. It can take the time to look for the vehicle. You might as well get tired of doing this. But since technology is evolving, developers and some talented have worked […]

TuTuapp for Android: Pokemon Go is one of the most famous Games ever created for smartphones. It has taken the interest of each and every person to a whole new level. This augmented reality game works with GPS where you have to roam around in streets, parks and some memorial places to catch Pokemons. Millions of […]

Mafia 3 Rivals For Android: There has been a lot of news and articles about gaming. Gaming is one of the hottest topics one can discuss or talk about. Many people are getting into gossips and discussing the game and about its releasing date. In this particular article, we will talk about smartphone games and how […]

Top 10 Android Apps 2016: There is an endless list of amazing apps which suit literally every purpose you can think of- from music to sports, phone features or simply fancy wallpaper apps. But there are some pretty useful and well-built apps which will benefit you in various areas of your android phone. Top 10 […]

Prisma App Download: Do you remember the days when we used to edit our every single photo using Instagram or any  other such photo editing application? Well, gone are the days of it when we were totally into such kind of applications. Editing in Instagram or any other application is just too mainstream now-a-days, everyone […]

Everyone these days plays games on their smartphones. Today, we are going to tell you about a game that’s really popular and good as well. Card wars adventure time – we all are familiar with this game, but do we know how this game came into existence? “Card Wars” is actually one of the episodes, […]

Clash of Clans Apk: There are millions of smartphones gamers out there. As if someone playing games on their smartphone is a gamer. But the thing is, in this era of advancements in technology more and more highly intensive games will hit the market. Although some games will gain popularity by its concept without being that […]