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TuTuapp for AndroidPokemon Go is one of the most famous Games ever created for smartphones. It has taken the interest of each and every person to a whole new level. This augmented reality game works with GPS where you have to roam around in streets, parks and some memorial places to catch Pokemons.

Millions of people are playing this game. There are lots of YouTube channel based on Pokémon Go. This shows that this game is a trend going on right now. But sometimes walking around to catch Pokemon or hatching eggs can be leg hurting task (if you ever played Pokémon Go). Maybe the game is tiring because you have to walk a lot to get a reasonable amount of XP. But there is actually a solution for that if you don’t want to get tired every day but still want to catch Pokémon daily.

TuTuapp Apk for Android | TuTuapp for iPhone iPad:


There is an app called Tutuapp which can be your hacking source as it is the very reliable app for hacking Pokemon Go. There are the bunch of other apps and methods to hack or cheat in Pokemon Go but not much of them work and the ones who work properly does not work properly.

Tutu App is available on both Android and iOS platforms. So you can expect a good amount of its fans on both Android and iOS platforms. People who have used it are very satisfied with what Tutu App has provided to them. They can easily hack their Pokemon Go app and enjoying the game without even going out if their home.

If you are one of those who haven’t tried Tutu App don’t be sad you’re not alone. You are about to get a brief about Tutu App and how you can hack your Pokemon Go app with Tutu App.

Tutu App:

Tutu App is basically a third party store where you can download premium apps that are for paid in both Android and iOS app store. You can download the bunch of apps which are not even available in Google Play store apple app store. This is great for Android users as you can download and install Pokemon Go directly from Tutu App. The Pokemon Go app you will download in Tutu App is not the original one it is the hacked which will work as the original one but with some hacking features. You’ll get to know about the features later in this article.

tutu app

Tutu App is also known as Bunny assistant. Sometimes when you search for Tutu App, Bunny assistant will show up so don’t get confused it is the same thing. Tutu App is created by some Chinese developers and they have created the app in a way that cheats and hacked can be enabled right out of the store.

Tutu App can be very useful for Pokemon go, trainer, as they can directly install the Pokemon Go hacked app. Also keep in mind that this method works on Android Version 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, 5.1.1 Lollipop. If your Android version is 6.0 and above which is Marshmallow then you can try the other app called Fly GPS.

How to Download Tutu App for Android:

  1. Tutu App is not available on Google Play Store so you have to download the apk file from third party websites. So open your Android smartphone or tablet and open Google Chrome.
  2. On the search bar type “Tutu App apk download” and tap on the search button.
  3. You will get lots of results as Tutu App apk is available on many sites. Click on the most authentic website where you can download the original and latest version of tutu App.
  4. Enter the site by tapping on it and look for the download button.
  5. Tap on the download button and Tutu App will get the download in a few minutes.
  6. After Tutu App will get download install it.

Steps to Download Tutuapp for iPhone or iOS Devices:

Now let’s talk about how you can download the Tutu App for iOS

  1. Open safari browser and enter site and wait for the site to load completely. You may face some loading site issues while entering the tutu app official site. So if you are facing such issues, simply clear your browser history and cache data.
  2. After entering the site you will get 3 green buttons which can be written in Chinese so tap on the second one regardless of what is written on it.
  3. There will be another button so tap on it to install Tutu App on your iOS device.tutu app

After installing Tutu App on your Android or iOS devices all you need to do is download and Pokemon Go.

Steps to Download Hacked Pokemon Go:

  1. Open Tutu App on your Android and iOS device. Search for Pokemon Go in the search bar.
  2. You will get the Pokemon Go app, enter it and tap on the install button.
  3. Pokemon Go will get installed in a few minutes.
  4. After installing Pokemon Go there will be a joystick appearing on your screen as it is hacked and modded.

Now you can move around the world without even moving for real. You can also change your GPS location to any place you want. Make sure you set your GPS mode in “High Accuracy” so that the app works properly.

After opening the Pokemon Go app there can be a sign of the issue so signup as a Pokemon Trainer account. This way you can sign up without having any problem and issue. This issue will get fixed in the next few updates so stay tuned for that news.

TuTuapp – Conclusion:

So that was the brief information about Tutu app. You can also download and install other apps in Tutu App, The hacking is not limited to Pokemon Go only and there are also other hacked apps and games available in Tutu App.

Download TuTuapp Apk for Android | TuTuapp for iPhone iPad
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